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  1. 1st & 10 Interview w/ Commissioner Shane Stewart
  2. Drama in Flight School?
  3. 2016 Pre-Season – Waiver Wire Results
  4. AFC North Preview
  5. AFC East Preview


1st & 10 Interview
September 14, 2016
1st & 10 Interview w/ Commissioner Shane Stewart
In our first episode of 1st & 10 we sit down with commissioner and Redzone Co-Founder Shane Stewart to discuss several topics including the split from BFL, what to expect this season in Redzone, What SIM football looks like, predications for the season, the return of Ray Bailey and a few other things. Several shout outs to guys in...
September 14, 2016
Drama in Flight School?

Drama brewing in Flight School? RML Networks very own Ian Rapsummore is reporting that the Jets attempted to trade Muhammad Wilkerson to the Texans. Details of the trade are uncertain but after the trade fell through we can only help but wonder how the Jets earn back Wilkerson’s trust. We will be monitoring this situation…

September 14, 2016
2016 Pre-Season – Waiver Wire Results

Teams made their initial 2016 pre-season waiver wire claims and the results are in. Check them out

afc north
September 14, 2016
AFC North Preview

We take a minute to breakdown yet another division that has been dominated by one team in particular. As we look at the AFC North we wonder if Shane Stewart can continue to win his division year in and year out or if a challenger will step up this year.

afc east
September 14, 2016
AFC East Preview

With the regular season approaching we take a look at the AFC East; which has been dominated by the Dolphins in the past. Is this the year where someone else steps up in that division and knocks the Dolphins off the mountain top?

Top 10 Teams
September 14, 2016
Pre-Season Top 10

Preseason is here in the Redzone and regular season is fast approaching. We’ve got old faces, new talent, bad blood and all kinds of potential. It’s early, but it’s never too early to make predictions and with that in mind, today we bring you RML Network’s preseason Top 10.